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Many recruitment agencies are now going overseas to recruit migrant tradesman to fill the labour shortage in Australia. ASIALINK is based in Singapore, one of the busiest Seaports, Airports & Oil Refinery hubs in the world, where there are over One Million migrant workers from all over Asia working in shipyards, oil & gas refinery, manufacturing, engineering, service and construction companies. Most of our selected workers come from the global world class shipyards such as Keppel, Sembawang, Jurong, including oil & gas refinery such as Shell and Exxon Mobil and their supporting companies / contractors to these enormous industries. Typically the migrant workers carry out their trade from between 50-70 hours a week, providing quality workmanship to ensure the ships are ship shaped and sea worthy and that oil and gas refineries are generating at targeted capacities.

Moreover, Singapore has very stringent labour laws to ensure that the tradesmen's certificates are recognised, authentic, health status thoroughly checked, and with clean police records.

To-date, we have successfully helped to connect many skilled migrant tradesmen to several Australian medium sized to world class companies located all over Australia.


ASIALINK desires to link up with Australian companies who are willing to sponsor suitable skilled migrant tradesmen on a long term basis (4 years).


- Boilermakers,
- Sheetmetal Fabricators
- Sheetmetal Aircon Duct Fabricators,
- Diesel / Mechanical Fitters,
- 1st Class Metal Machinists (CNC programmers or Conventional machinists & Toolmakers)
- 1st Class & High Pressure Welders (MIG / TIG / SAW / SMAW)
- Industrial Blaster cum Spray Painters
- General Electricians
- Seafarers or Deckhands for fishing boats


Once you feel that the workers are worth investing in, we cordially invite your representative to fly into Singapore to do your in-depth interview and to even carry out a skill-test at our engineering workshops to ensure that you get the best man for the right job fit.

From Singapore Office;

- To provide screening to ensure MTs must have passed the IELT English Test based on current Minimum Requirement and including any other prevailing requirement as mandated by DIAC in order to be eligible for obtaining the appropriate working visa.

- To profile and validate personal particulars (resumes) of the MT, including His core skills & competencies and employment records;

- To ensure that all formalities and documentation will be attended to and in compliance with the request from recruitment agencies / companies regarding the deployment of MTs into Australia.

Some of the basic formalities are:

- Skilled and relevant experience in the trade as specified by the prospective employer;

- Authentication of employment track records, particularly in Singapore, including providing certificate(s) of Employment, Certificate(s) of Training, Trade certificates etc.

- Ensuring MT has a Valid passport and NO criminal record;

- Arrangement for teleconference interview and/or face-to-face interview in Singapore;

- Ensure that wage remuneration package for the MT with the prospective employer is in accordance with the visa criteria. MT once selected, is committed and signed the employment contract offer.

- Complete the administrative documentation that is required for submission and payment to the DIAC for the application of VISA 457;

- Health screening to ensure MT is certified healthy and fit to work prior to departing for Australia;

- Once VISA is approved, we will arrange with the client for the travel ticket for the hired MT to commence duty in Australia;

- ASIALINK will provide induction training for MT before their departure and will continue to be in communications with our Australian client to ensure a smooth transition for the workers to settle into Australia.


If, in the event of the MT not performing up to our Australian clients’ expectations even after the induction and within the probation period of ONE month, our clients may terminate the MT’s VISA and send them back to their country of birth. ASIALINK will replace him with another more suitable MT at no cost to our Australian client.


Our manpower services are conscientiously tailored-made to meet our clients’ requirements and best value expectation and yet in concurrence with the objectives and policy requirements of the Australian government. Upper most in our minds is that we will be available to assist companies of any concerns or any worker’s issues arising throughout the employment of our selected migrant tradesman

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